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We understand that venue cost is one of the biggest concerns of event organizers. Therefore we are happy to suggest the following which may help you enjoy a sizeable reduction in event cost or expense:

  • Early-bird Booking

Our venues are highly utilized for training and events. Therefore a booking well in advance is beneficial to both parties. It allows us to make good preparation for your requirements too. Normally, we are able to offer a special discount for bookings confirmed 60 days in advance.

  • Volume Discount

A single booking for multiple days or rooms will certainly earn you a special discount. So try to have a longer term planning for your events. Some of our clients have made quarterly or even yearly plans. It may be worthwhile for you to look into your needs carefully to make sure you don’t miss the benefits of being a volume user.

  • Non-rush Session Utilization or Flexible Needs

Occasionally, some of our days or time slots are less busy than others. If you can have your events fit into these slots and get a special discount for them, it will then be a win-win deal for both parties. Please discuss with us about your needs and let us know if your requirements can be flexible in terms of time, room size, etc.

  • Using Typical Venue Setup

If the room for your event requires only typical or our standard setup, and your instructions are straight-forward and easy to carry out, then we are happy to offer you a discount because of the time and resources we will save.

  • Don’t miss our special offers

We will release promotion information from time to time on our web page and through other channels including Facebook and newsletters.

Please contact us for your needs. You may fill out the form on the left to let us know the details of your events. We would be glad to work out cost-effective solutions that best meet your needs.