Corporations often promote their products and services through conferences or seminars. However, you don’t need to maintain a venue of your own for this purpose in Hong Kong where property price is very high. We provide what you need including rooms and support service at prime locations for your conference or seminar needs. Contact us and we would be glad to work with.

Typical Setup and Service

  • Reception and direction of guests
  • Computer for speaker’s use
  • 100M broadband Internet access complemented with Wi-Fi
  • Computer storage for documents and courseware
  • High resolution multimedia LCD projector
  • Microphone and amplifier
  • Whiteboard and felt pens
  • Photocopying and printing service
  • Software installation service
  • Technical and other service support

Make a reservation now for your event venue. Pease let us know if you have any special requirements for your event, our team is glad to provide you with the best ​​solutions.